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    Cross campus video


      I would like to use the slingbox to stream video across our campus.  Is it posssible to opperate this device across subnets and without internet.

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          ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

          Hi Russ,



          You should be able to do it as long as you have the networking chops to set it up.  The Slingbox won't be the problem, clearing a path across the subnets is the trick.  If you can set your routing tables up so two computers can see each other given the same senario, the Slingbox will be a breeze.


          No internet = No problem, but you'll lose the SlingID service.  When you add the Slingbox to the Player's directory, you'll have to configure the location manually with an IP and Port.


          I would avoid the Web player for this application, use the full standalone program instead.  Versions for Mac OS X 10.3+ and Windows are available.



          Hope this helps,


          - Az