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    Dual IR Sensor One Cut Other OK - Blinking Network Light


      I have not used my Slingbox for about a year.   I pulled it out of the closet and connected it to a different TV/ Verizon Cable Box (Motorola HD DVR QIP 72161) on same home network and router.  I noticed that the IR cable lost one of the optical sensors but other is fully entacted.   Network light continues to blink so I hit reset but several times and turned router off and on. Network light continues to blink.  I installed Mac software on laptop and logged into my account.  I was told that Slingbox needed an update I initialized update the progress bar started then cut out since then computer can not connect.  Could the inablitiy to connect and upgrade the Slingbox be due to the one severed IR cord?   Or is it two problems?  Thanks in advanced.