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    On "Go slow" and can't work out how to go back to normal speed.  HELP! Please!


      Echostar hds-600rs on "go slow". Please help.


      My Echostar is currently working in my lounge and I'm trying to watch it remotely in Sydney. It was fine until yesterday but now it seems to want to playback both live and recorded TV in slow motion so that the sound and vision ist otally out of sync.


      In the reviews of the box some say that there is a slow motion control but I can't see this mentioned in the manual. So could any owner with a physical remote control help me by suggesting what button on the the remote control might switch off slow motion?


      I have enough bandwidth and I'm playing using both auto and minimum playback quality and nothing seems to speed it up. Latest firmware and was fine until yesterday so I suspext I've hit a button on the RC and can't work out which one it was.


      Any help greatly appreciated.