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    How many Slingbox PRO-HDs can I connect together in one home from one provider (Verizon)?


      I am located in Mexico for four months and I've been using my Slingbox PRO-HD without problems.  FYI, Slingbbox states the minimum requirement for speed is 3MB, however, I only have 2MB of service from Telmex (there is only 1MB, 2MB, and 5MB service for residential use) and for whatever my Slingbox PRO-HD operates in the range of 2.8 to 3.1MB, but it also runs satisfactorily at below 1MB of service.


      My question.  Slingbox is the topic of discussion down here and I was wondering how many Slingboxes I can gang together (with the pass-through feature) so that I can provide service to a few friends in Mexico from my cable provider in the USA, while using dedicated cable company receivers?  How many Sligbox PRO-HDs can I gang together and not impact any other Slingbox?  Thanks/Bob