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    Help!  Reset Problem


      I was getting a message that my laptop was unable to connect to my Slingbox.  So I tried to reset my Slingbox.  I pressed the reset button as directed but there were no lights flashing but the power light remained on.  The front U-shaped lights seemed frozen.  I have checked my router connections.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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          I have tried to reset my Slingbox PRO-HD many times and I seem to get different results each time. Holding the reset button for 5 seconds, releasing, and then waiting about 2 minutes seems to work the best to get it reset back to factory settings. I have tried holding it for 30 seconds, but the lights start to blinking randomly (different each time), and I am never able to get my Slingbox to connect to my network until I go back and hold the reset button for only 5 seconds again. No matter which method I attempt, the lights never blink left to right and then slowly as the support page says they will.

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            Hi 6markw & ddh909,


            If you are not able to Reset the Slingbox to factory settings, I recommend trying a different power supply. Have a look at this Forum's announcement: