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    My Slingbox disconnects every minute or so


      It connects fine, but then it loses the signal after about a minute and I have to connect again.  Then it reconnects and then the same thing happen again.  Anything I can do to stop this?  It happens over the internet but also when I connect from my home network.

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          more info, thisis the error message when it disconnects


          An error occurred, tell me  more...



          • Error: 0x923400dc
          • Context: 0
          • Operation:3

          Looks like there's a problem:

          The Slingbox has reset the connection, which disconnected SlingPlayer.

          [Advanced users: the error code is 0x923400dc.]

          Here are some possible reasons why this happened. This information may help you  troubleshoot the problem
          The operation failed because of invalid state
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            Hi Geofffrom63,


            For this type of issues that you are having with the Slingbox PRO-HD, we need to get more information about the configuration, the connections and the network's bandwidth. Is the Slingbox hardwired to the router or are you using a bridge? If the unit is hardwired, confirm that the Ethernet cable is no longer than 7ft long. What's the download/upload speed at home? You can use this link to test that: www.speedtest.net


            Meanwhile, I recommend you to Reset the Slingbox, confirm that the unit is not on top of a hot surface like the Set-top box and then run the Setup at Slingbox.com.

            Let us know how that works.