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    Slingbox in Japan


      Up until recently, I've been  watching my slingbox fine from Japan. Currently, I am in Canada. The  slingbox is set up at my in-laws in Japan. Yesterday, while trying to  watch the Slingbox (solo), we were getting audio, but no video. I asked  my father-in-law to reset the Slingbox, and now, I'm not able to connect  at all, either Internet viewing or with SB mobile. As well, after  resetting, my father-in-law said that there were no lights at all on the  front of the Slingbox, but that everything seems to be plugged in fine.  The SB is connected directly through a Buffalo broadband router, using  my in-laws broadband connection. Any help would be appreciated. As the  previous slingbox community website that I posted to has gone down, I  hope someone might be able to help. Thanks.