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      I have a Sling Box Solo.  My router is in the same room as my cable box.  Can I connect the Sling Box Solo to my router under these circumstances without the ethernet cable?

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          No you need to connect it via ethernet.

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            Hi wgsiaok,


            It seems that you want to know how to connect your Slingbox to your router if both of them are located in different rooms.


            There are two options you can try. You can use the SlingLinks as the first option. The following links will provide you with all the information about the SlingLinks:


            SlingLink TURBO


            How it Works


            However, you must pay attention to the fact that they will work only if both of the rooms go into the same electrical circuit. Further details are included on the second link provided.


            The second option is to use a wireless bridge or game adapter. You must connect the wireless bridge or game adapter on the back panel of your Slingbox. This way, the Slingbox will use the wireless capabilities of this device in order to get a wireless connection to your router.


            Hope this helps!