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    I have video but intermittent audio


      I have a Pro HD and Verizon Motorola DVR QIP 7232 2, and the audio is intermittent...more off than on. Audio worked fine up until a couple of weeks ago. I've checked all the suggestions I've found on the forum, and all is okay there.  Does anyone have any suggestions that might help me fix the problem?

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          Hi mlp79,


          We need you to provide further information and all the details about the issue you are dealing with. This way, other Forum users will be able to help you with accurate information. We need to know the type of cables that you are using to connect the Slingbox to the DVR. Have you tried to connect a different audio/video device like a DVD with a new set of cables to determine if the issue persists?


          Meanwhile, I recommend you to Reset the Slingbox and also try different cables to check if you have the same trouble.