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    Multiple users


      We are trying to be able to watch our sunday church service remotely on a laptop.  So far I am the only one who can view it.  I have my slingbox connected to a video camera at the church and I can watch the service when I am in FL.  Is there any way that about 5 of our members can view the

      service from FL?  Is there a fee for multiple viewers?



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          Hi dmoll,


          It seems that you want to know if the Slingbox offers the option for multiple connection at the same time.


          The short answer is no. The Slingbox does not offer the option to stream to multiple viewers at the same time. Although you can get the connection from many computers at different times, the Slingbox will allow only one connection at the time. The following link will provide you with further details:
          Two viewers watching the same Slingbox


          Hope this helps!