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    Good Audio but No Video


      I just purchased the Pro-HD the other day and set-up the box.  I have Comcast and use an HDMI cable to connect the box to my TV.  I use the component out and audio out to connect the comcast box to the Slingbox. 


      When setting up, I was able to see great picture and audio quality through slingbox.com.  The only issue was signifcant lag in using the slingbox remote.  However, now that I am out of the country (one day after setting up the box), all I get is audio.  I used Skype with my wife and could control the TV with the slingbox remote.  It appears everything is working but video.


      Any suggestions other than rechecking the video cords to ensure they are connected?

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          As an update to the above question, I have already had someone at my house manually set-up the internet viewing using portforward.com in the event something was wrong with the auto set-up.  The test indicated viewing was successful and the show can be viewed on the home computer through slingbox.com. 


          However, the computer that I am using to remotely access is still picking up audio only.  I thought this may help someone in their idea on trouble shooting.  Thanks.

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            Hi ander695,


            It seems that you are having some issues with the Slingbox, since you cannot get the video signal when at remote locations.


            The main issue is related to the HDMI cable. None of the available Slingbox models are compatible with the HDMI cable connection. The following link will provide you with further details and a workaround:


            I get no video with any SlingPlayer (Watch, Windows, or Mac OS)


            Hope this helps!