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    iPad App Improvements.....




      I just love my Slingbox and both the iPhone and iPad apps for it. But I would like to request a couple simple improvements that will make the viewing experience a lot better.


      First, please add a channel display to the touch screen menu. Right now I we have NO idea what channel we are watching.


      Second, please make the app recognize the orientation of the device so it can be operated in the portrait orientation, not only in the sideways landscape orientation. The reason for this is simple. Many of us would like to hold our iPads and iPhones upright, not sideways. And the other main reason is because there are many docking devices available for both the iPhone and iPad that also have attached speakers and it would be really great if we could dock our devices and also watch TV at the same time utilizing the external speakers. But to do this the Slingbox App would have to function in the upright position.


      These two simple improvement will great enhance the use of the apps and I would highly recommend it. I hope someone in the developement department will read this post and cosider it.