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    Image doesn't fill screen


      Unable to create a new discussion.. so I'm adding to yours.


      My issue is when using a sligncatcher or boxee bee app, I cannot get full screen unless the slignbox that I am trying to use is also connected to a TV or AVR that is on.


      Example 1 my SBPro... which I use with my AVR..STB plugs into AVR as well... I cant get full screen unless my AVR is on when I connect to it via slingcather or boxee bee.


      Example 2 my SoloHD which is connected to a STB which is connected to a TV.. if my TV is off, I have bars on top and bottom..if TV is on, I get full screen ?


      I'm confused as well... I'd like to be able to get full screen on another TV without having my AVR on or the TV on.