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    TV Picture Freezes When Using Uverse DVR on SlingLink


      I just installed SlingLink Turbo 4 Port.  I connected to the 4-port box a Uverse DVR and an XBox 360.  The XBOX works great.  I can play games, watch ESPN TV Sports and NETFLIX Movies without problems.  However, when viewing TV through the Uverse DVR, the picture freezes after about 8 seconds.  I can switch channels and the next channel works about 8 seconds before freezing.  I get the same freezing if I try to watch recorded movies from the DVR. The Uverse DVR works without issue if I plug the router directly into the DVR (ethernet) as it did before I installed SlingLink.  If I leave it in the frozen state, the Uverse screen comes up  saying that the signal is lost.  Changing channels makes it work again for about 8 seconds.  If I go back to XBOX, everything works fine including internet TV (RealTime ESPN Sports).