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    Remote functions on iPhone aren't active ...


      I replaced my physical remote last night on my 722 and today I can connect to my slingbox, and I see the screen that says the 722 is powered off ... but when i go to REMOTE on the iPhone and touch POWER ON ... nothing happens.  When I sync'ed the new physical remote last night to the box, did that somehow unsync my "Remote" from my Slingbox Solo?  Thoughts?

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          Hi 272150190007127,


          It seems that you are having some issues with your Slingbox since you cannot control the DVR attached to your Slingbox.


          Since you are using a dual tuner DVR box, I recommend you to verify if the Slingbox is connected to the TV 1 option since it works with the IR (Infra Red) signal. If it is connected to the TV 2 option, you will not control it since this output works with the RF (Radio Frequency) signal.


          Hope this helps!