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    How's THIS for Warranty Support!


      Purchased a second Slingbox Pro HD in October 2011.  Everything working great.


      Friday evening, February 3, 2012 - Noticed power light is off on the second Slingbox, first Slingbox is working fine.


      Saturday morning, February 4, 2012 - checked power supply for second Slingbox to make sure it's plugged in, etc.  Yep it was.  Removed power cord from first Slingbox and connected power cord from second Slingbox - first Slingbox is powered on, no problems.


      Saturday morning, February 4, 2012 - contacted Slingbox tech support via contact phone number.  Explained the problem AND that I checked to ensure the second Slingbox power supply/cord was fully operational.  After about 5 minutes, finally convinced the tech that the problem wasn't the Power Supply.  He then initated the process to have a new Slingbox sent out to me, with a note in the file that the Power Supply was ok.  (Just a FYI - I had to give a credit card number for a $99 "deposit" that will be refunded upon return of the original second Slingbox).  Received a case number for tracking purposes.


      Tuesday morning, February 7, 2012 - receive email notification from Sling Media with info about returning the original second Slingbox (and a RMA number) AND that a pre-paid UPS label for return would be provided.  Received a second email notification that the replacement Slingbox had been shipped (along with a UPS tracking number).  According to the UPS website, the replacement unit is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, February 8, 2012.


      Wednesday afternoon, February 8, 2012 - UPS delivers the replacement Slingbox.  Remove it from the container and set it up, no problems.  Placed original second Slingbox into the carton that delivered the replacement Slingbox, taped it back up and placed the pre-paid UPS shipping label over top of the original one.  Will take it to the UPS store tomorrow for shipment back to Sling Media.


      So far, everything they SAID they would DO, they HAVE DONE.  And they did it VERY FAST.  I'm very impressed.


      I will be TOTALLY SATISFIED once I see the $99 "deposit" credited back to me, but there's nothing right now to make me believe that it won't be.


      Kudo's to you Sling Media




      A thus far very happy customer......


      Update:  I noticed that this second Slingbox was activated in August 2011, and now the replacement Slingbox reflects that - wonder if the warranty for the replacement is from this months date or last August... not sure.

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          and yep, turns out sling media just put a "hold" on my credit card for the $99, once they received the original slingbox back, they released the hold.


          So I'm totally satisfied with their warranty service.


          Again, Kudo's to you Sling Media and thank you very much!


          p.s. The initial warranty period DOES apply to the replacement Slingbox, and thus I purchased the extended warranty putting it out to 3 years, for an additional $50.


          p.s.2 My bad, this slingbox was purchased in Aug 2011 NOT Oct 2011, just wanted to clarify it.