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    Connection speed with Logitech Revue is slower than web browser


      Hello Folks,


      I have two slingboxes solo in Bulgaria-Europe which are hooked to a network with the astonishing 8mb upload speed. I’m in the US and my service provider is Comcast which is giving me close to 20mb download speed. When I watch through the web player (Firefox) either of those two boxes I get around 2000kbps tops. If I watch them at the same time I get the same speed - no degradation, but I don't do that.


      Here are my questions/observations:


      1. 11. Do you guys think I should be getting better connection speed with the current setup I got? Which settings should I be tweaking in order to get faster connection?


      2. 2. I have a Logitech Revue at home as well, but for some reason the fastest connection to any of the slingboxes is not more than 1200kbps and at the same time if I disconnect and connect through the web browser on my laptop I get 2000kbps. My laptop is running always running wireless and I tried wifi and hard connecting the revue to my network, but the results are the same. In both – my laptop and the revue when I run speedtest I get the same around 20mb download and 6 upload. Do you guys think that’s expected?




      ohhh, btw:

      Few days ago (02/05 - Sunday) my connections were terrible and have no idea waht happend. Everything on both sides was the same (upload and download) speeds. On Monday (02/06) it was same thing, until finaly on Monday night I was not able to access the slingbox site at all. It looks like the servers on the slingbox side were down. And magically on Tuesday everything was back on normal.

      Did anyone else noticed something like that?