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    Slingbox Recorder




      I have problems to get the  program to find my Slingbox Solo.
      I  have tested Jaksta and SLR neither program can connent to my Slingbox.
      I have tried both with IP and ID number.
      I have uninstalled virus software.
      Is that something that must be done in my  router also?
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          Can't make it work.

          I can't get Jaksta to work. Get an error when logging occurs.
          Is there an Admin password in the Sling Box.
          Or is it the same password as I log in to Sling.com.

          Is this error message a communication error or authentication error?

          This says Jaksta as error message:


          Download file: Channel 4 – 02-07-2012 726.asf
          Started at: 2012-02-07 07:26
          Starting a recording session
          Restricted Mode – Only one minute of a stream will be captured

          Searching for 13xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx1e8
          Discovering …
          Slingbox is available at 83.172.67.xxx:5001

          Logging in as admin

          Unexpected error logging into Slingbox:

          The connection attempt failed
          because the connected computer did not respond within a certain time
          or of the established connection to the host computer will no longer function

          Ticket Created: 721DBD. SlingboxIP: Slingbox Private IP Address: 192.168.1.xxx


          Do you have any idea what could be wrong.