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    Bad/Tinny Audio Quality


      I have my Slingbox Solo (Hd-Compatible) hooked up to my cable box at home, and when I try to use my logitech revue's Slingplayer app I am experiencing less than adequate audio quality. The picture is fine, but the audio sounds like i'm listening through AM-Radio...this makes the experience less than adequate for viewing. I've read through these forums, googled forever...cant seem to find a solution. I've swtiched the quality from Best, to Good, to Basic - still same sub-standard audio.


      Any ideas?

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          side note: The audio sounds acceptable when going through the website...But on my Logitech Revue, the audio sounds like its being filtered through a paper bag. Could this be an issue with the Slingplayer app for Revue???


          I've done all of the basic audio troubleshooting. Why would the audio be fine on the website, but subpar through Slingplayer via Logitech Revue?


          It's either the Revue, or the app itself...

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            Hi izzo1701,


            What I'm getting from your post, is that you're having problems with the Audio using the Slingplayer app for the Logitec Revue.


            In this case, and as a first step, make sure you meet the requirements for the Slingbox to work properly:


            SlingPlayer for Logitech Revue


            Besides that, you can uninstall and download the application back. Also, please let us know if the problem is the same when you connect from a computer so we can discard the Slingbox as a potential issue.