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    Slingbox HD not so good like old models  of 3-4 years ago!


      I have just bought new Slingbox HD and i set up correctly  ,becouse i ahve another slingbox fro more 3-4 years actually the fist models just come up...red -silever one.



      In same House i have both of them ...and sling box the old one works fine in Dubai.....i can wahtch tv resonable peicture with no a freezing...


      In same Internet conection the new model HD   connect 1 -2 sec and stop  it show like 80-129 kps and stop...!


      I do not undertend what do  the old sling box same internte works perfrect and why the new one not working !/

      Do that mean the compresion of the new Models  Slingbox HD is not good ? or need the speed more...Can any one please technicly expalin that.....

      or i will ge this like new slingbox are unsufull in not the good internte ereas...and better use the old models SD !?

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          Hi esmeralda1,


          We understand the quality issues that you are experiencing with the new Slingbox. It's necessary to determine first if this is being caused by the Slingbox itself or the networks requirements; the Slingbox PRO-HD needs more bandwidth, that could be the issue why the old model works. We need to get more information about the issue that you are having; what's the upload/download speed at home? You can use this 3rd party website to check that: Speedtest.net.


          You need to confirm that the system meets the minimum requirements for the Slingbox PRO-HD:


          Slingbox PRO-HD > Tech Specs