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    slow slingbox speeds with time capsule and verizon router.


      So here is my setup:


      Verizon router with wireless ON.  Time capsule set to share an IP address(not in Bridge mode).  This gives me the double NAT error message.


      Sling catcher hooked into the Time capsule on one end and to the Slingbox on the other.


      So, I hooked the slingbox up to the verizon router, configured it.  Then hooked the sling catcher to the TM and ran setup again.  Set up port forwarding per the instructions.  Things seem to work fine, although under the slingbox directory it says that I am not set up for internet viewing. 


      However, i CAN connect via wifi and over 3g on my iphone fine.  With WIFI, I am using my Time capule for wireless not the verizon wifi.  The last time I tried to turn off the verizon wifi i don't think the slingbox worked.  The last time I tried to set up the time capule under bridge mode the slingbox did not work.


      So I know that my setup is not correct but it is working.  The problem is the speeds.  I have a slingbox pro- getting about 1200-1400 kbs over the internet, and about 500-550 over wifi on the iphone.  I'm getting about 450-550 over 3g on the iphone.  This seems too slow.


      Any suggestions?

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          Hi docal97,


          What I'm getting from your post, is that you're having problems with the Slingbox streaming.


          Based on the information that you're providing, we can tell that this could be a Double NAT problem affecting the Slingbox connectivity.


          What I would recommend, is to connect the Slingbox directly to the Verizon router and set it up there. After that, you can connect the Slingbox back to the Time Capsule (acting as a bridge).


          This might extend the wireless signal, without affecting the Slingbox.


          Besides that, and to discard the Slingbox as a potential issue, you can connect, set and test the Slingbox, connected to the Verizon router only.


          You can also check the following link related to the issue that you're having:


          Two-router networks affect Slingbox Directory status