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    Slingbox in China


      When we fist set up the slingbox for my dad in China a month or so ago, he was getting about 500k down, which he was able to watch in SD. Now, he is getting about 40-50k, which obviously doesn't cut it.


      Here is the tracerout from here to his IP


      Tracing route to []over a maximum of 30 hops:
        1     1 ms     1 ms     2 ms

        2     9 ms     9 ms    10 ms

        3    11 ms    10 ms    10 ms

        4    14 ms    13 ms    13 ms

        5    19 ms    21 ms    26 ms

        6    21 ms    21 ms    22 ms  ae-0-0.cr0.dca20.tbone.rr.com []

        7   105 ms    97 ms    81 ms  ae-4-0.cr0.lax30.tbone.rr.com []

        8    84 ms    83 ms    98 ms  ae-1-0.pr0.lax00.tbone.rr.com []

        9    84 ms    85 ms    85 ms

        10    84 ms    85 ms    85 ms

        11   477 ms   470 ms   473 ms

        12   465 ms   504 ms   488 ms

        13   389 ms   380 ms   389 ms

        14   490 ms   473 ms   485 ms

        15   355 ms   362 ms   359 ms

        16   399 ms   397 ms   392 ms

        17   367 ms   357 ms   359 ms

        18   519 ms   513 ms   496 ms []
      Trace complete.


      Is he hosed? Is there anything I can do to improve this? The latency gets massive in China, but like I said it was working before.


      I have also enabled QoS on router for the MAC address of the Slingbox with no improvement in performance.


      Thanks for any advice.

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          I should also mention that we consistently get 750K+ upload here and he is pulling 30mbps+ in China so I don;t think it is a connection speed issue on either end.

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            Hi Nettleman,


            I understand that your father has speed issues in China. First, it's necessary to determine if you experience the same behavior using a remote connection outside your house but not in China. We need to make sure if the trouble only occurs in China because of a bandwidth restriction/limitation. Is he located in a regular network (like a house) or is he using a hotel or a private network?


            If this streaming issue happens in any remote location, I recommend to assign a static IP to the Slingbox on the router and run the Setup at slingbox.com for Internet Viewing.



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              EuroTVLink.com Newbie

              Try turning off port forwarding on your router.