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    Can't connect to Slingplayer with Boxee Box


      I have a slingbox solo at home and am trying to use my brand new Boxee Box  with the Slingplayer app.
      I use both the PC and browser app without  trouble (except reduced picture quality and an occasional lockup for a few seconds)
      I have a DSL  connection at home for the slingplayer ~500k upload
      Cable modem and router at  the boxee location ~3M download

      When I launch the app it runs and I  see all the correct msgs
      start streaming
      optimizing  connection
      loading controls
      The video starts and looks great for  about 5 seconds, and then it stops and I get
      Connection Lost (code  27) or other codes occasionally.
      I tried connecting the Boxee directly to my cable modem and it  didn't help.
      Other boxee apps (e.g. netflix, pandora) all work fine.


      I've used slingplayer app on my PC and browser app from all over the world and it worked fine.
      I bought the Boxee primarily to use with the  Slingbox and I'm very disappointed.

      Any suggestions?

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          Hi pbco,


          I understand the issues that you are experiencing with the Slingbox and the Boxee Box. This could be related to the network at home, where the Slingbox is; I noticed that the upload speed is only 500kbps, but the minimum bandwidth requirement is 600kbps for Standard Definition (SD). I recommend you to check the real upload speed at home using this 3rd party web site: http://www.speedtest.net


          SlingPlayer for Boxee Box - Technical Requirements


          Using Watch at slingbox.com on the PC, what's the streaming rate remotely? if you get less than 400kbps, probably, it will be necessary to contact the Internet Service Provider to find out why the upload speed is so slow.


          Have you tried to power cycle the router and the Slingbox at home? That could help since it will refresh the settings.