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    Slingplayer for Sony Bravia

    bobg8zwf Newbie

      I read somewhere (but I cannot remember where), that Sling Media and Sony have made a "tie-up", such that Sony will add Slingplayer plugin onto Bravia TV's.


      Can anyone confirm this and maybe know the timescale?





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          BobShanghai Newbie

          Well, about a month has gone by and no reply.


          So I will ask the question again.


          On my Sony Bravia TV. If I go to the Slingplayer "watch", I get an error message telling me that the Slingplayer plugin is incompatible with the Sony TV operating system.


          Slingbox people, please can you tell me (us) if and when you will release a player plugin that will work directly on Sony Bravia TV's. I feel this would be a very good addition, not only for Sony TV's but also other internet enabled TV's.


          I would be very happy to purchase such a plugin, once it is available.

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              callanish Apprentice

              If there's a timescale for to add Sony Bravia TV's to the slingplayer connected devices, I don't see it happening anytime soon. I think when you consider that the Boxee and GoogleTV connected devices for the slingplayer are as buggy as he ll and we're still waiting on a fix for those. The way I see it is that any other connected device is probably taking a back seat until they figure out how to fix the core problem with weblink plugins for devices like the boxee and GoogleTV. Like you, I would love a Bravia plugin which would be a nice addition as a slingplayer connected device, but I just don't see it as a priority for Sling at this point.