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    Audio Only Feature Needed


      'nuf said.  It is a disgrace that audio only is not available either on the web player or on SlingPlayer on my iPhone.  I just recently purchased my SlingBox, but as I understand it, this feature used to be available and no one can provide a reason why it was taken out.  I can't emphasize enough how much more useful my SlingBox is with an audio only option.  PLEASE, Please, please bring it back.  Did I mention please?  If not, I would really like an explanation of why it is not available.  Doesn't seem like too much to ask, does it?



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          Your understanding is correct. Audio-only was an option in Version 1 of SlingPlayer Mobile. The developers removed it from Version 2, and after my repeated begging failed to get them to put it back, I restored my iPhone back to Version 1, and to this day, I am still running SlingPlayer version 1.3 and missing out on all the improvements and new features or Version 2 because the audio-only option is the most frequently used feature for me -- lower bandwidth, fewer dropped connections, much lower battery consumption, and keeping me under the data limitations of my AT&T data plan, listening for hours on a bike ride or at the gym (in both environments I have no reason at all to view the video). Version 1.3 is a great app. The version 2 app is a great app that's missing a vital feature. The developers refuse to recognize this or do anything about it.

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              I too am really disappointed that there is no audio only option on the SlingPlayer.  I switched from paying SirusXM $15/month to SlingBox/player since I only listened to one channel on Sirus.  I now get that channel via SlingPlayer but burn though battery while LISTENING ONLY when away from my computer (at the gym, etc).

              Any suggestions on a hack or different option that would allow us to cut out the hungry video feed if the engineers at sling refuse to add (back) the audio only option?