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    Help with unique situation, legacy SB connected to DLINK DAP 1350


      Slingbox Pro, TimeWarner Cable, Ubee DDW3611 Cable Modem/Router with wireless


      The TV/DVR that I want to hook to the SN PRO is too far from the Ubee Cable Modem for a CAT-5 line, so I picked up a DLINK DAP-1350.  It has 3 modes, one of which is wireless client which will allow a connected device (viat CAT5) to go through the DAP wirelessly back to the router.


      1. I configured the DLINK DAP-1350, as far as I can tell.  It does connect wirelessly to the Ubee modem/router from my PC in client mode.


      2. I attempted to set the Ubee with a static IP for the DLINK DAP, but the IP address assigned is a 192.168.1.X, whereas all other clients on Ubee are 192.168.0.x (maybe the Ubee senses that this device is different?) Anyway, I cannot assign a static IP on the Ubee to a 192.168.1.X address.  OK, moving on...maybe fix this later...


      3. I attempt to set up port forwarding to the SB PRO with 192.168.1.X address, but the Ubee cannot port forward to 192.168.1.X IP addresses.  This could be a problem.


      4. I disconnnect the DLINK DAP-1350 CAT5 from my PC and hook the CAT5 it to the Slingbox.  SB shows solid red light on networking status.


      5. I am unable to connect to the SB PRO from my PC.


      • Error: 0x92370001
      • Context: 20
      • Operation:110


      This is all on the private side of the Ubee, so it should be working.