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    Boxee vs Slingcatcher quality differences?


      Has anyone compared the differences/picture quality results betweeen a Boxee and Slingcatcher?



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          I watched the Super Bowl on Boxee and it was cyrstal clear, I was 80 miles away using a PRO HD as the transmitter (Directv Source w/ Comcast internet) and the Boxee Box Slingplayer app.   The qualty was so good I forgot that it was over the internet..... Also it was on a 50" TV 1080p. 



          Slingcatcher the qualty is horrible standard jittery quality... I hope there was an update to fix this but if not I'm sellng the catcher and going with the Boxee in my other homes.


          I hope others can chime in and let me know if the 'Catcher has an update to provide the same quality

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            I beg to differ with a previous poster. I recently purchased Boxee Box in hopes of replacing my SlingCatcher, connected to the same location on the wired local network, the Boxee app constantly (every 30 secs) Freezes and Stalls, while the SlingCatcher works flawlessly for hours. I also use SlingPlayer from a pc at work and get flawless performance over internet, even at highest resolution. Sadly, this Boxee App is not ready for primetime. There is no doubt that it's a faulty Slingbox app for Boxee. There is also no way of telling if the app connects locally or through internet, making it useless for people who have their bandwith capped. Hopefully Sling Media can address these issues soon, for now I'm keeping my SlingCatcher.