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    Slingbox cannot get a dhcp address


      I moved my slingbox box from my sister hom network to my home network. I used the reset button to set my slingbox back to factory default settings. After the reset my sing box never receives a dhcp address. What happens is the slingbox boots up and the power line is light and solid but the network light is out. Also my linksys router no longer is able to give out dhcp addresses until I power cycle the router, then the dhcp server on the router starts giving addresses out again.


      I have ran through all the troubleshooting tips on sling's site. I have power cycled my router and slingbox a number times as well as factory reset the slingbox a number of times. I always have the same problem; no ip address on the slingbox and the router's dhcp server break too.  As the slingbox does not get an ip address I cannot configure the device at all with the active-x component.


      It looks like the slingbox just needs an updates firmware. But I do not see anywhere to apply the firmware manually. Any help would be great.


      Thanks in advance for anyone's sugestions.



        • Re: Slingbox cannot get a dhcp address

          Hi nentwich,


          It seems that you are having some issues with your Slingbox since it does not show a solid network light.


          According to the information provided, the root cause might be related to the fact that your router is not able to provide IP addresses. With this in mind, I recommend you to reset the router and the Slingbox. Then, you should be able to run the Setup Assistant for Internet Viewing. The following link will provide you with some steps to follow in order to fix this issue:


          The Network light on your Slingbox is off


          If the issue persist, I encourage you to connect the Slingbox in a different network (hook it up to a different router) in order to determine if the issue is related to the Slingbox or not.


          Hope this helps!