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    Can't get Slingbox Pro-HD to network or reset, any ideas?


      Have Slingbox Pro-HD with Charter Cable.  Worked fine for years, even remotely.  Now the network light won't come on.  The ethernet light is on, but the network light is off.  Power light is on.  The blinking lights are all solid.  Can't get the 5-second reset to work, and I'm almost positive I held the reset button for a minute, and it won't reset.  I'll try that again, but if that doesn't work, does anyone know anything else to try before scrapping it to buy a new one?  I believe this started after I tried to update the firmware while away from home - I guess they mean it when they say don't do that.  But since I can't get it copnnected, I can't do any further firmware updates.  Help???