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    Slingbox Pro HD not tuning certain digital antenna TV channel 23.2. (chicago area)


      I have a slingbox Pro HD device and it works fine for the most part.

      I have not been able to tune in a new channel recently added

      to the Chicago area line up. It worked at one time then at times

      it tunes out and it is inconsistent.

      The channel is 23.2 (Bounce TV).

      I have 2 Hauppauge tuners and I am able to tune in that channel with

      those consistently and at times use Hauppauge's WinTV Extend

      to view the channel in question and so I do not think there is an

      issue with the antenna signal and antenna positioning. That channel

      also tunes on my Toshiba DVR670 DVD/VCR antenna digital tuner

      as well.

      (The problem with Hauppauge WinTV Extend is the software seems

      to time-out, hang and / or I lose the audio when streaming so it is back to

      Slingbox I say though sometimes Slingbox hangs as well-- could be

      Windows issue).


      Actually right now as we speak, slingbox tuned in channel 23.2 and

      it just went out after a few minutes of play I lost the signal again.

      Is there something with the tuner, is it old or because I bought this

      slingbox in 2009.

      Then again, it could be the channel is weak and I need to send this

      information to the TV station.


      Thank you.

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          Hi currter,


          If you are having issues getting an specific channel, you can try to go to Setup.slingbox.com and use the option "Configure Inputs" to set up the coaxial cable again, you can use the option "Detailed Scan" to try to get all the channels.



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              Of course I scanned detailed scanning. I get bored waiting for the channels to

              scan twice in this case. I sometimes use the old program, SlingPlayer along with

              using the plug-in for firefox or IE.  I have tried everything possible.

              As I said, the channel is picked up and it tunes in and out and is not consistent

              on the Slingbox.

              My Hauppauge tuners (HVR 1950 and HVR 1500) and my Toshiba DVR670

              VHS/DVD with TV tuner all tune in that particular channel (23.2) with no

              problems usually.  I do not think it is the antenna signal as I am using a

              160 mile antenna and pick up all the other stations fine including 23.1 and 23.3.


              I am beginning to think the issue is with the station not sending out a powerful

              enough signal as it tends to be flaky on the other tuners at times.


              Thank you for your suggestion, though already tried many many boring times,




              Very patient,




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                  bravo261 Newbie

                  you found any magical solution yet? my pro-hd also tunes then looses a particular set of channels that i setup the whole box so that my mother can watch.


                  it'll tune in and work fine then disappear the next day, and a detailed scan wont get it. The dang tv station is just 8 miles away, and like yourself, everything else tunes to it just fine

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                      I do not think anyone responded really.  I don't have a solution to

                      my issue but to use different tuners that do tune in that channel

                      as I described.


                      I have not looked into the issue recently as I have been busy with

                      other things than to worry about 1 TV station.  If anything changed

                      when I test it out again, I will post here otherwise things are still

                      the same.

                      For your problem, whatever it is as I quickly glanced over this,

                      I would get another tuner and see if you can tune in this station that

                      is close to you with that one just as a test.  This will test if the slingbox

                      tuner is strong or sensitive enough or not.  Maybe you will not be able

                      to tune in the station with the other tuner.  I have the Hauppauge TV

                      tuners (check out Hauppauge's website for which one) and I have

                      a Toshiba DVR670 VCR/DVD/Antenna combo.  All of those devices

                      tune in that one station fine.


                      I do believe that the station may be weak as sometimes I do lose

                      the signal on the Toshiba device and Hauppauge devices were acting

                      up a bit with that station.


                      Finally, I do not think they (Slingbox or Hauppauge) really tested the antenna TV

                      signal reception and streaming out thoroughly. I think these devices were designed

                      to be passive devices accepting the video signal from a cable box using the

                      composite (or component) inputs.  I just got Comcast cable with a cable box

                      and the streaming from it works fine and does not seem to hang the software

                      for both.


                      Good luck with your Slingbox Tuner.