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    Dedicated Computer for Slingbox


      We have two condos.  We want to “sling” our cable TV and TIVO from one condo to the other so we only have to subscribe to only one cable provider.  I want to build a computer for the “other” condo we will be slinging our cable TV single to that will sit by the TV and be dedicated to receiving the signal and sending it to our TV.  What specs should I have built into this dedicated computer to give me the absolute best quality picture?  I have seen the minimum specs that the slingbox site say you need, but I don’t want to do just the minimum.  I am assuming I will be using a wireless keyboard to operate the virtual remote control for the slingbox that appears on the TV screen, or is there a better way?


      I appreciate any information you can send along to help me develop the specs for this dedicated computer.