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    DVR controls aren't there 75% of the time


      More times than not when I pull up the controls using the space bar the dvr controls (fast forward, skip and so on) aren't even there. Other times when they are there you can't do anything with them. They aren't greyed out, they just don't do anything. Rarely they appear....and work. I end up logging in on my iPhone to skip through then log back in with the boxee. I shouldn't have to do that. Please fix it.


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        • Re: DVR controls aren't there 75% of the time

          Hi spevin,


          It seems that you are having some issues with the SlingPlayer for Boxee box application since the DVR features do not work in a proper way.


          As the first step, I recommend you to run the A/V source configuration one more time and make sure to select the DVR (which should be included on the supported devices list) option instead of cable box or satellite receiver.


          Once you finish this configuration, make sure to launch the SlingPlayer for Boxee box application and test if it works in a proper way. If the issue persists, I encourage you to contact us through the Contact Sling Media options. We will provide you with the available support options depending on your Slingbox hardware, related applications and their activation date.


          Hope this helps!