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    Pause Button missing on Sling Player for Mac


      I've been using Slingbox player for a few years now on a Windows 7 laptop using Internet Explorer. Now I have a Apple laptop and the Mac version doesn't have a pause button on it. Is this normal or am I missing a setup somewhere?


      I use the pause button because overseas the internet connections are usually sloooooow. I hit pause and let it buffer for almost the entire 30 minutes then watch the shows without delays or interruptions. It also comes in handy if I get a phone call or someone walks in and asks me something, I can always pause it, take care of the distraction, then continue watching my show.


      I can still access Windows Internet Explorer using Parallels but since I'm always on the Mac side on Firefox I'd like to be able to use that instead of opening Parallels and Internet Explorer in Windows.


      Any ideas?

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          Hi pilot135pd,


          I understand that you want to know why the Pause Button and the Live Buffering feature are not available on the web based SlingPlayer application for Mac computers.


          At this moment, the Live Buffering and the Pause Button features are not available on the web based application for Mac computers. Unfortunately, we do not know if it will be implemented any time soon, We can only encourage you to keep on checking our web site at www.slingbox.com for further details.