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    could not complete license check


      I have a Galaxy tab and just bought SlingPlayer on Android Market. I keep getting an error about not being able to complete license check. This frustrates me very much since it cost a lot of money. Whats the solution for this?



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          Hi tjuul - just to clarify, on the Android device, are you signed in to the Android Market; and with the same Market/Google account that you purchased the app with?


          That's one condition that might lead to an error like the one you're seeing.



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              Hi Dana


              I open Android Market using the android app. I look at my account that i purchased the app with and its green. Then I press open SlingPlayer from inside Android Market. Is that how todo it?



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                  hmiller Newbie

                  When you purchased it within the Market, it should have downloaded to your device. Did you locate it within your Apps folder? Within Apps, You should see an icon simply titled "SlingPlayer":


                  When you tap that icon, it should launch and give you a license agreement page with an option to click "Accept", similar to this (this shot is from an iPad but is the same content):


                  After accepting, you'll be prompted to log in to your Sling Account, as normal.

                  If you DON'T see the app at all, try searching your device for it - if it's not there, you can re-download your purchase directly from the Market app. Hope that helps!