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    Networking multiple home televisions with Slingbox?


      I have 3 television sets in my home --the main tv is in the living room and has cable and the Slingbox hooked up. Is it possible to access my cable through the other 2 television sets with the help of Slingbox?

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          chakkarinen Apprentice

          Don't think so -- the Slingbox sends the incoming cable signal to a computer, via an Internet connection.   It may be possible to put a 3-way signal splitter on the incoming cable TV wire in your home, then attach the 3 output ends of the splitter to each of your 3 TVs.   But, if the current one TV requires a standalone cable box to provide all of the channels to that TV, then you will also need similar cable boxes attached to the other two cable wires going to the other two TVs.