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    Something just does not seem right about the Android app


      I just gladly purchased the Slingplayer for my Kindle Fire.  BUT, when I tried to use it, I was informed that I needed to upgrade my Slingbox HD Pro because ".. the hardware would not work with the Android system...".


      I have been waiting for a Kindle Fire app from Slingbox, mainly because I believe in paying for the products I use.  While waiting for a product, I experimented with side-loading the Android Phone version of Slingplayer on my Kindle.  It worked just fine.  No incompatibilities.  No issues between the Android system and my existing Slingbox.....


      So, I ask you, is anyone else out there being directed to purchase new hardware due to this Kindle Fire Slingplayer?

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          Hi bigbadslingwolf,


          It seems that you are having some issues with the SlingPlayer for Android tablets application since it is asking for a Slingbox hardware upgrade.


          The main reason for this message is that you own the Slingbox PRO (the red one) which is a legacy Slingbox model, therefore it is not capable to handle the Kindle Fire resolution. Due to this situation, the application itself asks for a hardware upgrade to the Slingbox SOLO or to the Slingbox PRO-HD. The following link will provide you with all the information about this application:


          Kindle Fire


          Hope this helps.



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              First, let me thank you for reading this forum and responding to us.


              Please understand I have been a customer for many years and am a fan of this product.  This was the reason I purchased the Kindle Fire Slingplayer as soon as it was available.  You deserve to be paid for your product.


              The issue I have is that this version FORCES us to upgrade our Slingbox hardware.  We already know that the Kindle Fire, with its Android platform, support the existing (and freely available) Android Slingplayer out there on the Internet.


              Your new product says it will not work unless we upgrade our Slingbox hardware.  You should have left us the option to either accept a "lower" quality picture, or you can recommend we upgrade to get the highest quality picture.


              We already know it works with our existing hardware.  I simply am not a person who wants to use illegal software.  I WANT to pay you for your product.  But, when you force us to upgrade, when we know it is not a hard requirement, it makes us feel ripped off by you.


              There are so many options out there to gain access to Internet Streaming television on our devices.  Please don't drive us away just to make a couple dollars on hardware, and lose your customer base!