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    Bug Report: SlingPlayer.plugin w/ Multi. Displays


      On a Macintosh with multiple monitors, the SlingPlayer Plug-In ( is malfunctioning in two ways:


      When launching full-screen mode, the Player will ignore which monitor contains it and always take over the main display. Upon exiting full-screen, the video returns to the Player on the correct display, from which it was launched.


      Also, while in full-screen mode, mouse input on a display not occupied by the SlingPlayer (any beside the main display, due to the above bug) will cause the Player to exit full-screen.


      I don't know if/how these bugs are affecting other platforms.

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          Same issues on Windows 7 with the Chrome plug-in version - as per another thread I have been using the legacy desktop version on my second monitor to prevent interference (as noted in the original post) with Chrome windows on my first monitor.   This workaround is fine for me but I'd like to ask that Sling either:

          - continue to support the legacy decktop version so folks can use it in multi-monitor setups

          - fix the bugs with the web plug-in in multi-monitor setups

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            tcaradonna Novice

            I use Windows 7 Ultimate, running Firefox 18.0.2.  Full screen runs perfect on my secondary monitor.

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              WORKAROUND FOUND


              I  was also experiencing this same problem.  The desktop version  video/audio sync is so horrible that I could not use it and I know that  they've discontinued development on it (I think).  I have a 3 monitor  setup and I thought that the mouse was disappearing over the entire  monitor but I have discovered that it is only hidden in the same browser that you are using to watch Slingbox.com.


              Most  people with two monitors will open one browser to play Slingbox.com and  another browser, which is usually the same as the browser playing  Slingbox.com, to continue browsing the Internet while watching TV on the  other.  The mouse is only hidden in all browser windows that is playing Slingbox.com.  So  if you are watching Slingbox.com in Chrome, the mouse will dissapear in  all Chrome browsers.  If you are watching it in Firefox, it will go  away in all Firefox browsers.


              So  the work around is to use a dedicated browser to play Slingbox.  If you  like to use a particular browser to surf the Internet, pick a different  one to play your Slingbox.com.  This isn't a perfect fix but at least  you don't have to wait for them to get around fixing.


              SlingMedia, if you read this, report and fix this bug and remind your programmers that you have users with two, three+ monitors.