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    Intermittent Buffering on iPad2


      I've read the other post regarding buffering on iPad2, tested my connections and updated the port forwarding settings in my router (despite not having any issues on my PC).  I still have intermittent buffering with the iPad2 ONLY.  It happened five times while I wrote that opening.  I have had buffering problems while away from home and while on my home network.  While on the road, my connection speed varies between 1.2 and 2.0 Mbps.  While at home I am on a Wireless G network.  In all instances, my iPhone and laptop (Windows 7) work with no issues.  I manually set the PC to 1200bps while away from home so I know I am at least capable of streaming and recieving at that speed.  While at home, I stream to my PC at 5Mbps but the iPad still buffers when I use it.  My Slingbox Pro-HD has been a great product and the software/internet access as well as the Blackberry application and iPhone application have all worked with no problems.  The way I see it, this is a software issue.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.