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    SB AV not working w/Samsung Cablebox SMT C5320 not listed, no remote


      Hi everyone, I have a Slingbox AX that was working great until I switched to an HD cablebox by Samsung, Model SMT C5320, not only is the cablebox not listed under devices, the remote that comes with th box is a universal, not a Samsung. I can't even tell who makes it ( the # on the remote is UR2-CBL-CV04, and it says it is universaal). I live in Long Island NY, and have Optimum Cablevision as my provider. I have tried every Scientific Atlanta choice since my old box was a scientific atlanta with the same remote. .. that didn't work. I also tried all the Samsung choices, the "other" choices, and the Time Warner Universal remote choices. Nothing has worked. Even if I knew the remote code, which I don't, all the entries on the "configure components" screen are through a drop down menu, with nowhere to enter text, so how would I put it in anyway? I still get the picture when I log into my account, but I can't change the channel without a remote!. I have also tried the "custom remote" link, and it says I can't create one with a Slingbox AV model.. I also checked a few links to see if anyone has created a remote for this box to no avail...I can post a pic of the remote if that will help... help!