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    Slingcatcher / Direct TV Upgrade

    uvicgrad85 Newbie

      There has been much discussion of the recent upgrade to DirectTV and problems with on-screen error messages.


      I am having an issue with my Slingcatcher connecting to my Slingbox Solo, which feeds from a HR22 Direct TV receiver via component video, (RGB).


      Note that I'm having no issues connecting to the Slingbox Solo over the internet via the Slingbox software.  The units are about 40 miles apart,  ie they are not on a LAN.


      The bottom line is that although I can connect to the Slingbox Solo via the computer, when I attempt to connect via Slingcatcher, my Slingcatcher is coming up with the "Sorry, Slingcatcher could not connect to the Slingbox due to a network error. Please try again".


      The Slingcatcher is connecting perfectly to my other units that stream Bell Expressvu and K'Scape,  located a few inches from the offending unit.


      This has got me scratching my head.


      Has anyone else run into this issue, and better yet, have any ideas what the problem is?



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          uvicgrad85 Newbie

          Found the problem.  The IT guys switched router and port forwarding was not correct.


          Use the "alt shift i"  function and ensure it's a TCP stream.


          If its an SNATT stream, you will have nothing but problems with Sling catcher streaming, (though it will likely work via your desktop / lap top computer).