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    Is there a way to store the Slingbox Directory locally on PC


      I cannot retrieve the Slingbox directory using the newer version of the player behind a corporate firewall.  It lets me add an entry but will not display it.


      This only occurs when behind a corporate firewall.  I setup my old slinbox using port 443 and my Pro (HD) box using port 80.  Both work just fine remotely when not behind the corporate firewall.


      If I use an old version of the player ( or or, I believe it stores the directory entries locally on the PC because I can see my added directory entries and the old orginal Slingbox works fine behind the corporate firewall (sucess!), but the problem is the old versions of the player won't connect to my Pro (HD) box.


      Is there a way to store the directory locally so you don't have to login to Sling just to display the directory with Slingplayer 2.x?  I searched and cannot find an answer for this.