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    Galaxy Tab 10.1 tethered to Iphone cannot connect to Slingbox SOLO




      I have a;


      - a slingbox SOLO

      - An Iphone 4S

      - A Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


      1. I can connect to my slinbox SOLO from my PC, Iphone and Samsung Tab on my home wifi network

      2. I can connect to my slingbox SOLO from any laptop or PC via the internet (i.e at work, friends place)

      3. I can connect to my slingbox SOLO from my Iphone 4S on wifi or 3G.


      So, here is what doesn't work;


      - When I tether my Galaxy Tab 10.1 to my Iphone 4S (tried via bluetooth and wifi) and run the SlingPlayer I just purchased it DOES NOT connect. As I indicated in the above points, it connects fines when I am at home and access the slingplayer via the home wifi.


      Why doesn't it work when I tether my Galaxy Tab to my Iphone 4S??


      Another bit of useful info, I can tether my laptop to my iphone 4S and  successgfully connect to my slinbox SOLO.


      Could someone from Slingmedia please rectify this issue.  I have tried to get the support I am entitled to (purchased the solo 1 month ago and purchased the slingplayer for android 2 days ago).  I tried to call the details below which are listed on your website for Australia and both numbers are disconnected.

      "Digital Products Group handles calls about Sling products for our customers in Australia. They are available from 9am - 5pm EST Monday through Friday.Ph. 1300 889 803 or (02)9618 1016"

      If any one has any ideas or experience with this issue please let me know.


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