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    Slingbox won't connect to network anymore




      I have had a slingbox connected in the States for 4 years without any problems. Three days ago, I lost connection with it. The box is in New York. I am in Holland.


      I walked my 70 year old aunt through the resetting and setup over the phone. She did it. She can connect to the box now, I still can't.


      I keep getting error W202 or a similar error saying that my internet connection is crappy, or that it is not setup for remote viewing.

      As I just mentioned, I have never had a problem in 4 years, from any network. All of a sudden it just stopped working on my computers and my mobile phone. The superbowl is next week, I need to fix this.

      I think I have a slingbox solo, not exactly sure, bought it in 2008. The regular one, not the HD one.

      Please help.