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    display driver error


      I'm trying to use Windows Media Center (in windows 7). I'm somewhat successful, for a few moments at least, until I get the following error message in Windows Media Center:

      "Display driver error. The video playback device does not support playback of protected content."

      I'm using a ceton tv card with a comcast cable card. I have no problems when I'm not hooked up to the slingbox. When I connect the cables to the slingbox, I get the above message, though sometimes it DOES work, although only briefly.


      Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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          Hi myadec,


          The reason why you are experiencing issues to connect to the Slingbox using Windows Media Center, is because this software is not supported to work with the Slingbox, that's why sometimes it could work. We recommend using the web based application at Watch.slingbox.com.