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    Old Slingbox and a iPad


      I just got my red slingbox pro up and running and downloaded the iPad client. The client is telling me that I need to upgrade the slingbox. Does that mean my slingbox will not work with the IPad?  Or is there a way I can make this work without buying a newer model?



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          Yup, I had the same probelm..  It works on the Iphone. But the ipad requires a high resolution that the old slingbox doesnt support.

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            Hi n9szf & lvitale,


            We understand that you want to be able to use your iPad with the red Slingbox PRO. As lvitale mentioned, the iPad application requires a higher resolution and this is not compatible with this old unit. Only the Slingbox PRO-HD and the SOLO will play normally on the iPad. You can take advantage of the Upgrade Program since you already own an older model:


            Slingbox Upgrade Program (US)



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                I just got "burned" too.  I have an older Slingbox, that I really enjoy, and just now bought the SlingPlayer for my iPad only to find out that it is not compatible.  I bought the player for my Droid X phone and it works pretty good, not perfect but acceptable.  I really wish SlingMedia would have warned me about compatibility issues before I bought it.  After all, they know what kind of Slingbox I have, don't they?


                I want a refund.  How do I go about getting my money back?