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    Searching for channels


      I got a Slingbox Pro-HD for a few months now but searching for channels gives a lot of problems.

      I got an ANT IN > Analog cable connection.

      Everytime I try to search for channels it takes more than half an hourfor less than 30 channels. Often it says half way it lost connection while the internet is fine. When I am watching I dont have this problem.

      When I got the channels there bad quallity, some even so bad I cant see them at all!

      But if I search again I sometimes got the channnels I couldnt see before and all the others are to bad to watch.


      So I know all channels are there! I just cant get them all. Today i searched again but got the channels twise as bad.

      Seems all a bit strange?


      What can be the problem? Cuz I would really like to use all channels and in decent quallity.

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          Hi Natho,


          I suggest you make sure that the coaxial cable is properly connected to the back of the Slingbox, you can consider use that cable in a TV to make sure that it has good signal reception, after that you can go to Setup.slingbox.com and try to scan the channels again, I encourage you to try both analog and digital.