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    Solo cannot connect to my network anymore.


      So I have reset, restarted and tried to setup again but I cannot get it to connect to my network. I think this is a Sling problem because it worked just 2 weeks ago then all of a sudden without any changes in my network it stopped.


      I have cleared all my cache. Tried IE, FF and Chrome. All still have the same problem. It just stops connecting to my netowork.


      Any suggestions?

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          I encountered the same problem recently and read that sometimes the power supply is the problem.  I replaced it with one that had the same specs.  No luck.  After replacing everyrhing I could, cables, browser, etc., I bought a new Solo.  The new one works fine.  The old one was about three years old.  The symptoms with the old one was all blinking lights on the Solo after a power on or reset but then the network light would go out.  Good luck!

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            Hi ktscott01 & sfp104,


            For this network issues that you are experiencing with the Slingbox SOLO, I recommend checking and performing all the steps that you will find here:


            Troubleshooting Slingbox SOLO streaming and network issues


            If you have the same behavior after trying a different power supply, that means that the Slingbox needs to be replaced.



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                My solo suddenly stopped working last summer and I discovered that it was the power cord.  I found it out accidentally when I purchased a new slingbox and instead of  using the new power cord that came with it I just tried plugging it into the old one.  When I plugged my old slinbox into the new power cord it worked, so I took the new one back and ordered a new cord from Sling.  It has worked for several months and then all of a sudden it quit again.  I'm going to order another new cord, but does anyone know why the cord would keep going bad?