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    Help with vertical line on right hand side of screen


      Hi to all, and I hope someone can help!

      After almost 3 years of blissfully trouble free viewing, remote viewing and iphone viewing, my "system" has developed an annoying problem. While watching my slingbox pro via any of the above means, I see a solid vertical line of distortion on the right hand side of the screen, running the whole length.

      I have purchased a new (and actually very expensive) scart pass through connector via slingmedia, which didn't work. I have just used new video leads. This has also not helped.  The line of distortion remains!

      I can only guess that it must be a problem with the slingbox pro itself? It has no moving parts, so I am wondering how this has happened?

      My slingcatcher, the jewel in my crown is just not the same with this annoying distortion!!!!

      I did update the firmware many months ago, and it is still up to date.

      Any ideas??

      Many thanks in advance to anyone that can help.