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    Video freezing mid-stream  (possible solution via WMM and QoS)

    ACC388531 Newbie

      I was one of the first people who suggested that switching to a lower bandwidth quality mode would fix the streaming issue.  This worked for me for the most part...  But, many said it was the wrong approach and didn't resolve their issue.  I set out to determine why it helped me and not others.  In doing so, I reverted back to stock firmware on some routers I have to check default settings.


      First thing: WMM


      Most modern routers come with WMM support enabled by default.   WMM is defined as:  Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) is a wireless Quality of Service feature that improves quality for audio, video, and voice applications by prioritizing wireless traffic.  In any event, WMM is faulty in a lot of respects.  It misapplies QOS settings that will degrade packet priorities for lots of media because it misconstrues it.


      Disable this feature on the router.  It is normally located in the QOS, Apps & Games, or Advanced Settings depending on the router you use.


      Reboot your router.  Try streaming again.


      I have been streaming quite well.  However, when I enabled WMM it went to **** after a few minutes.  Disabled it's good to go.


      Next thing:  QoS Settings


      Further, consider enabling QoS settings to allocate HIGH bandwidth to the MAC address of your Revue.  Add your other devices at medium and low priorities depending on what you feel they should have.


      My network has QoS allocated as follows:

      High priority - PS3 and Revue

      Medium priority - two laptops

      Low priority - Android phones and WiFi printer   


      This at least makes sure you are not affected by bandwidth constraints.


      I recommend making sure these bandwidth matters are addressed on both networks that you're streaming from and streaming to if you have access to do so.