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    SlingCatcher Missing Buttons to Control DVR


      I am up and running fine with my SlingCatcher to see my SlingBox in the USA (Cox Communications in Kansas) from Malaysia.  I am also controlling the SlingCatcher with my Harmony One Universal Remote.  The problem that I have is that I have a lot of difficulty running the DVR features of my cablebox.  On the internet player, I have an exact replica of the remote, but when I use the SlingCatcher remote (or rather my Harmony One) to watch on my home TV, I cannot access my DVR.  The only way I can do it is to log on with my computer to chose the program from the DVR and then log on with my SlingCatcher.


      Is there some way to get the IR codes from the cable box remote and program them into my Harmony One remote in a way that the SlingCatcher can accept the command and operate my cable box correctly?


      Any advice from the SlingCatcher gurus out there is much appreciated.